The Swing and Lindy Hop Etiquette

Auf der Schweizer Webseite THE GANG ist eine Swing und Lindy Hop Etiquette beschrieben. Wir finden, es ist eine sehr schöne Zusammenstellung von Dingen die beim Swing und Lindy Hop tanzen bedacht werden sollten. Also ein paar Regeln die zum Guten Ton gehören.

Ihr findet die Zusammenstellung auf der Webseite von THE GANG >


oder hier aufgelistet: 

  1. Today’s beginners will be the good dancers of tomorrow, so be nice to them and dance with them.
  2. Avoid patterns that your partner cannot do. Dance to the level of your partner.
  3. Make sure you keep your attention on your partner while you dance, and watch the dance floor to avoid possible collisions when at all possible.
  4. Leads, remember that it is your responsibility to protect your partner.
  5. Do not decline a dance unless you absolutely have to. Having declined a dance, you should not dance the same song with someone else.
  6. Never blame your partner for missteps.
  7. Your outfit and accessories should be comfortable, safe, and easy to dance in. Most importantly, don’t forget your dance shoes (which shouldn’t damage the floor).
  8. Be considerate of other couples on the floor. If you step on someone’s toes, say „Excuse me.“
  9. Dance in the space that you have. If the floor is crowded, dance small. Don’t force yourself or your partner into another couple’s dance space.
  10. No aerials on a social dance floor. They should only be done at performances and circle jams with a regular partner.
  11. If you’re about to perform an aerial with your partner, make sure she (or he) knows it’s coming and is ready for it. Too many jeffs flip gals who are not expecting it which is a big No-No.
  12. Unless you are there with your regular dance partner, do not monopolize one partner for the whole night. Ask everyone to dance.
  13. No unsolicited teaching on the floor!
  14. Stationary dancers (e.g. swing dancers) stay in the middle, traveling dancers move on the boundary along the line of dance. After the dance, be sure to thank your partner.
  15. Smile, be warm and personable, be nice, and have fun.



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